The Flight Crew

Meet the Flight Crew of Wear Your Spirit Warehouse. We are a group of friends, family and neighbors who have a passion for our customers all over the world. Starting with the owner all the way down to our mascot, we will help your brand take flight!

Flight Crew Ali Banholzer 2022Ali Banholzer


Like most young parents, Ali & David were busy raising two energetic young girls. In addition to having a happy family, they had other big dreams. In Ali’s case it was to create better looking t-shirts for her girls events. Driven by pure passion and creativity, Ali Banholzer, launched Wear Your Spirit Wearhouse from her kitchen table in 2004. Meanwhile, David was pursuing his dreams as an Air Force officer.

The girls were growing up and both Ali’s dreams and David’s were coming true. Wear Your Spirit Wearhouse outgrew the kitchen table and in 2010 moved into a commercial space.

In early 2014, David achieved his dream. He became the 14th Presidential Pilot of the United States and the commander of Air Force One! Tragically, later that year, David was diagnosed with terminal cancer and eventually lost his battle in 2016.

To honor David’s legacy of service, Ali and her team are committed to excellence. They provide the highest standards of service possible to customers all over the country. If you look at our logo, hear us talking about spirits soaring or things taking flight – now you know why!

Everyone knows what it feels like to have your spirit take flight and soar. That pure rush of happiness! My story has taught me that life is short and should be celebrated. Let’s celebrate together!”


Flight Crew WYSW Kimberly Spath

Kimberly Spath

Flight Crew – Branding Specialist

Originally from Montana, Kimberly has been with WYSW for over 6 years. Kimberly’s love for being part of our community shows through her projects and dedication to our customers.

WYSW Nic Kinser

Nic Kinser

Flight Crew – Director of Graphic Design

Nic joined the WYSW team over 4 years ago with the unique opportunity to work on graphic design for projects. Creating new designs for print is his passion, and he loves sharing them with the world!

WYSW Wyatt


Flight Crew – Security, HR

It just wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t introduce Wyatt! Also known as, “Director of HR”, Wyatt has been with WYSW for 9 years. He absolutely loves meeting new people, and hanging out in embroidery (the snacks are awesome over there!).