Benefits of Giving Customer Gifts

Benefits of Giving Customer GiftsThe simple gesture of giving customer gifts forms bonds and builds relationships. Giving gifts goes back to the beginning of time, but experts have studied the psychology of it in recent years. The simple act of exchanging gifts conveys a significant meaning to many.

Do you remember the last time you received a gift? It felt great, didn’t it?

How about the last time you gave a gift to someone else? It probably also made you feel great.

The reasons we give gifts are varied. Gifts build connections. They lift your spirits. Gifts improve your overall mental and physical well-being. Sometimes we even give gifts for no reason other than to say thank you or “I appreciate you” to someone else.

Giving is an investment in others as well as yourself. Check out these fantastic benefits for a simple gesture. Then, take advantage of these great benefits and start giving.

Exactly What Is A Gift?

A gift is anything given to another without any payment in return. It may be a simple act of kindness and sharing or a celebration of an occasion.

Giving customer gifts comes with rewards, including helping others and building personal and professional connections. Gifts are as great for the giver as the receiver.

Benefits Of Giving Customer Gifts:

Stronger Bonds

Just the act of giving creates a connection between the recipient and the giver. Research shows that giving activates a region of your brain associated with social bonding. Giving is one of the five love languages for building connections. Just giving a gift tends to create a bond of closeness.

Regardless of who is receiving the gift – friend, family, client, customer – the gesture shows that you recognize and value them as part of your life. Giving naturally builds stronger bonds and lasting relationships.

A gift is a perfect answer when you want to build a closer connection with someone.


Basically, it’s nice to be nice. Kindness is always “in,” regardless of the situation or location. Showing kindness affects your physical and mental health and the recipient’s physical and mental health.

Data collected by Random Acts of Kindness shows that expressing kindness to others has many benefits. It increases energy, lifespan, feelings of love and happiness, and can even have health benefits such as relieving pain or lowering blood pressure. This is true for both the giver and the recipient!

The Incredible Power Of Empathy

Empathy is a core pillar involved in the psychology of gift-giving. When giving a gift, you want to make the recipient happy. You are showing an interest in their needs and the relationship. You are exercising your empathy skills. Empathy demonstrates caring, strengthens relationships, and impacts your own emotions as well as the recipient.

One of the best feelings in the world comes from watching someone’s face light up with joy or excitement when receiving a gift. Giving releases chemical endorphins, the “feel good” hormones, in your brain.

Saying Thanks

Customer gifts can reinforce your message that you value your clients. It shows you are “not all talk and no compassion” in your organization. It’s a way to recognize the tremendous contributions of others in your life and want to reciprocate. Is it time to send your supporters a gift to “say thanks?”

The famous saying, “What goes around comes around,” is true. Whether you believe in gift karma or not, you are more likely to receive from others when you give to others. Your generosity will be rewarded in the future – to you, to the recipient, or to someone else.

When you engage in the selfless act of gift-giving, you promote positive karma. It is your own little ray of sunshine!

Customer Gift Giving Could Extend Your Life

Yes, you read that right. Participating in gift-giving could make you live longer. A study done by The University of Michigan found that those who gave to loved ones like spouses, friends, or neighbors were independently linked to a lower chance of dying. This is because high-stress levels and high blood pressure are associated with various health problems in today’s society. There is a link between gift-giving and lower stress levels and blood pressure. People who engage in gift-giving typically live longer.
That is a good enough reason to give, wouldn’t you agree?

Spread the Benefit

Frequently, when one person gives, it inspires another to do the same. It doesn’t matter if it is a family member, a friend, or even a stranger. Spark the gift-giving inspiration everywhere.
Need some inspiration to get you started? Here are some ideas to “spread the love” without a lot of effort:

  • Buying a coffee for the person behind you in line
  • Surprising a neighbor with freshly baked goods
  • Leaving unused coupons next to matching products in the store
  • Donating unused clothes to a local shelter
  • Bringing in a tray of goodies for your coworkers to enjoy
  • Sending flowers or treats to healthcare workers
  • Plus, many, many more ideas… be creative and unique

It doesn’t have to be a holiday or a special occasion… you can give customer gifts anytime. Unleash the power of gift-giving with a customized t-shirt, hat, mug, water bottle, notebook, etc.

Gifts are not limited to personal interactions. Customer gifts can go a long way in business too. Gifts can be introductory thank-you gestures. They let your customers know that you appreciate their business. Or they can even be given “just because.”

When you need gifts for your friends, associates, or customers, we are here to help. From unique items to gift baskets, our professionals can help you get exactly what you need to send. Give us a call at Wear Your Spirit Warehouse today!